Photo credit: Neil Palmer

Adaptation Action: A climbing bean farmer tends to her young crop in Nyagatare, Rwanda.

Mitigation Action: Exploiting gas from landfills for power generation at Arthurstown Landfill, Ireland

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What is ADMIRE?

UNEP DTU Partnership together with UNOPS has received 3.5 million USD from the Danish government to implement ADMIRE.

ADMIRE supports the development of implementable mitigation and adaptation actions with private sector involvement. In principle, all non-Annex I countries are eligible for support, but a geographically balanced distribution of activities will be sought.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions you may have about ADMIRE and how to get involved may be answered by the frequently asked questions section. Click here.


Once you have started your application, the ADMIRE team is available for comments and clarifications here.

Examples of possible actions

Photo credit: Neil Palmer

We have posted a couple of example actions that have been supported by ADMIRE. Use them as inspiration to develop and submit your own ideas through the electronic application forms. You can find the examples here.



ADMIRE Application Forms

Apply for support by filling out the online application forms for idea submission below:

To develop a mitigation activity, click here.
To develop an adaptation activity, click here.

If you have already obtained your username, LOGIN HERE.

Click to see the adaptation and mitigation application forms as a pdf document. To apply, please use online application forms only.


25 OCTOBER 2016