The ADMIRE Project

The ADMIRE Project looks for and supports project ideas and concepts that address negative impacts of climate change. The ADMIRE Project collaborates with the proponent of the idea to further develop it. This is done with the support from DANIDA, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Energy Agency.

The ADMIRE Project aims to develop commercially viable operational and financial frameworks engaging the private sector in climate mitigation and/or adaptation actions. They are globally designed and implemented in a close collaboration with all relevant local stakeholders. This aim springs from the existing capacity gap in structuring of bankable climate mitigation and adaptation projects. The final objective is to engage with financial institutions and attract funding from the private as well as multinational institutions to invest in proposed frameworks and contribute to reversal of the negative climate change impacts.

The ADMIRE project supports ideas and concepts that aim to address a significant national/regional climate related problem via development of a sustainable financial model or framework. The business frameworks are to ensure that the developed actions do not become a one-time occurrence due to that there is project financing available, but can be replicated and up-scaled elsewhere.

The rationale is that private investments (local or international) are key to reach the necessary investment as neither national governments nor multinational institutions can provide sufficient funding at the moment and many models are already commercially viable. Private investments already make up the lion's share of investment flows, and public funds cannot reach those levels; instead, public money should primarily be used to leverage private capital. For private capital, however, a sound business model is fundamental for any investment. It is here the ADMIRE projects intervene, using public funds to support the development of business models to leverage much larger sums of private capital investments in the long run. This is done with 14 distinct projects in 12 countries, across different sectors, technologies and stakeholders.

The ADMIRE Process

The ADMIRE project extends across the application phase to the project development phase and as well into the implementation phase. The ADMIRE process started with the calls for proposals, which were subsequently evaluated and the proposals that best fit the criteria of the program were selected for further support.
The figure below illustrates ADMIRE's assistance in the process from idea to action.


24 MAY 2022