1) The ADMIRE Project - Which countries are eligible?
In principle, all non-Annex I countries are eligible for support, but a geographically balanced distribution of activities will be sought.

2) What’s in it for you?
Your interest in the ADMIRE project should be guided by the potential outcome of your collaboration with the project in the form of concrete mitigation and adaptation actions. If you bear this in mind, the ADMIRE project is
- a unique opportunity to develop local climate mitigation and/or adaptation ideas together with experts in the field, into financeable and implementable frameworks for action

3) Who will deliver the assistance?
- UNEP DTU Partnership (formerly UNEP Risø Centre) will be the primary supplier of assistance in the development of ideas into frameworks for NAMAs and NAP actions under the progect.
- The best available local expertise will be engaged to assist in the development. In some cases, this will include the applicant's expertise.
- The project cannot fund public sector entities' personnel costs.

4) What is private sector engagement?
- It is the active engagement of private sector stakeholders in the development of the proposed idea into the final framework;
- the active investment in physical assets by the private sector, normally with but also without the banking sector involved; or
- the operation of physical assets (owned or not-owned) by private sector entities on long-term service contracts.

5) What is the limit of support per idea approved for development?
The budget for the assistance is developed case-by-case in collaboration with the proponent. Therefore, the submission form does not include a budget, but proponents will be asked to submit an indicative budget if their idea passes the first screening.

6) Do I need any approvals to submit an idea?
- Any successful applicant must have a government endorsement of the proposed idea. Such endorsement must come from the relevant ministry responsible for the field of action. Although there is no specific format for this endorsement, nor does it have to be submitted together with the initial application, the application cannot be approved without it.

7) What are the selection criteria?
i. The political context: specifically a solid endorsement by the relevant line ministry is a requirement for approval.
ii. Financial viability: whether the proposed activity is bankable and if the proponent has suitable fiduciary qualities for attracting finance.
iii. Financial engineering: whether it is possible to engineer the finance around the NAMA or NAP action, including both public and private finance, as well as evaluating public sector openness to adjusting current budgetary situation.

8) How to submit an idea?
- Go to the homepage of www.admireproject.org and fill out the relevant online application form from the section on 'ADMIRE Idea Form'. You will receive an individual username and password.

9) When will I know if my application was successful?
- Deadline for idea submissions is 20 August 2015.
- Between submission and 5 October proponents may be asked to further refine their idea proposals together with the ADMIRE Team, before final review by the Technical Review Committee (TRC).
- The outcome of the TRC's review is expected by 1 November 2015. Proponents will be notified thereafter of the decision.









21 JANUARY 2022