Aquaponics - Jamaica

Jamaican smallholder farmers generally apply conventional farming techniques that have been passed down over generations and are inefficient, resulting in low yields and corresponding low incomes for the farmers. This causes the dilemma that these farmers are often dependent on a second source of income which in return limits their time and ability to professionalize and hence to maximize food production.

Aquaponics, an innovative agricultural system, can help Jamaican smallholder farmers to become more resilient to climate impacts, increase output of their farms, improve profitability of their businesses and ultimately their livelihoods. This project intervened to remove barriers to allow smallholder farmers to adopt the technology.

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Jamaica Aquaponics Handbook - Guidance Manual for Aquaponic System Construction, Operation, and Management

Business Model and Financial Strategy Report - information guide on assessing and operating the systems

Business Case Presentation - Slideshow from launch event of the business case

Photos from site and launch event




21 JANUARY 2022