Multimodal Waste Platforms - Morocco

Municipal solid waste poses a major environmental and social problem in Morocco. Every year, 65 million tons of waste is generated but only 37% is disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, and there are more than 500 open dumps in the country. The resulting environmental degradation of poor solid waste management practices are estimated to cause a reduction of 0.5% of the national GDP. In addition, municipal solid waste volume grows by 1.36% yearly, which further exuberate the problems. Most of the waste collection, sorting and recycling is performed by the informal sector, waste pickers, where activities are low-tech, fragmented, and do not meet minimal health, safety, environmental, or labour standards. The Moroccan government is determined to improve the situation, and has launched a 15-year Waste Program with the objectives of having all the municipal solid waste collected and disposed of in sanitary landfills, and having a recycling rate of at least 20 percent by 2022. Another objective of the program is to create at least 70,000 jobs in the waste management sector.


The governmental waste program can only be achieved when key success factors of transparency, accountability, and competition are present. The private sector is a key actor in achieving this. The Multimodal Platform project designed a business model including a partnership between the private and public sector. This assisted the Moroccan government in achieving the objectives of its Waste Program by providing the technological know-how to municipalities and increasing the involvement of the private sector. The project is also helping the government to reach its objective of job creation by integrating the informal waste collecting activities into a well-structured and organised sector.

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20 JANUARY 2022