Sustainable schools - Chile

Chile has an extensive school system with more than 12,000 schools, which educates more than 3.5 million pupils per year. The schools are mostly lit with inefficient lightbulbs; in the more than 5000 public schools, the lighting consumes around 92 GWh per year. This is 80% of the schools entire electricity consumption, and represent a significant operational cost. Moreover, Chile has high solar radiation in the center and north of the country, thus representing a large untapped potential for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the empty roofs of schools. However, the public system does not, by itself, have the sufficient funds to finance such a technology shift.

EBP Chile, a private consultancy and engineering company specialised in the project development and implementation of energy strategies and sustainable energy solutions, applied to ADMIRE with the idea to develop an investment case for public schools to shift to more energy efficient technologies. This would allow the public sector to realise cost savings of 21.5m USD/year, create a better learning environment for the pupils, and would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The objective was to create an investment framework, which enables private capital to finance the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation in schools. This was done by assessing the current heating and electricity consumption, identifying best suited technologies, designing an ESCO investment framework, and by engaging with the necessary public, private and financial stakeholders to bring this project to life.

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Calculations - Costs, savings, payback period, greenhouse gas emission calculations per measure, region and aggregated

Legal report on the model, identifying and suggesting solutions to legal challenges 

Technical briefs on PV cells

Technical briefs on LED 


20 JANUARY 2022